BFSI IT Summit

Rounding up the Pulse of the Panel Discussion: Enhancing Digital Customer Experience in the New Normal

With Covid-19 having transformed the entire customer journey and lifecycle, the BFSI sector
has been one of the most disrupted industries. There’s a dire need to align the people, processes and products keeping the digital customer in mind. At the 9th Edition of the BFSI IT Summit, we brought on board some path breaking leaders from the BFSI sector.
Here’s the essence of what followed

The panel moderated by Mr. Dipu K.V, President, Head- Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz put forth incredible insights and best practices in streamlining the digital Customer

It’s not about how the technology is adopted, but rather about how fast organizations incorporate it to the core DNA of the organization agreed the panellists.
With the rapid digitization, more resources are being spent on the footprints of different channels like the web, mobile app, etc and the key is to proactively engage with customers where they are.

Mr. Manoj Kumar, EVP-IT Kotak Mahindra went on to address the role security and trust play in customer experience. He says financial organizations need to look at the overall 360 degree view of the customers. While the ease of transactions is crucial for a seamless CX, the various risks involved must also be evaluated. Security is a pivotal aspect in building trust with customer experience.

He further addressed the need for an overall 360 degree view of the customers transaction via all touch points such as branch banking, mobile banking, net banking or through channels like NEFT, UPI etc.The idea is to have an enterprise fraud system through all these channels.

Businesses must ask themselves; what are the main channels that customers use?
Is there any additional authentication needed to ensure that the customers are identified rightly.

Mr. Kalyan Sritharan, Head Digital Products, ICICI Bank pointed out that, customer centric innovations are paramount in financial services. Organizations need to ensure that customers life is made simple. This can be achieved by having an overall 360° view of the customers which captures the scale and thereby enhances the customer experience.

Through a 360° view, organizations need to make sure that all the touch points are digitally served to achieve optimum scale of cost-efficiency and better risk-graded in terms of approach. Right from on boarding to servicing and providing a personalized experience, data models need to be built with customers as the cornerstone.

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