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19th Edition

BFSI IT Summit

A BFSI technology roadmap for a connected and data driven future


“When financial partnerships are combined with digital partnerships, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.” – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, Republic of India.
The future of digital banking appears optimistic and digitally mature with the introduction of the Digital Banking Unit (DBU) and the planned incorporation of the metaverse with its enormous possibilities.
India’s fintech industry will have an output of $1 trillion and generate $200 billion in revenue by 2030. India is amongst the fastest growing Fintech markets in the world. India has over 6,300 Fintechs, with 28% specializing in investment technology, 27% in payments, 16% in lending, 9% in banking infrastructure, and over 20% specializing in other industries.
The banking sector has transformed from product-centric to customer-centric approach. Last year, 93% of payments were completed digitally, half of which were done using the QR code. Cash transaction was the third most preferred choice even card usage declined further. The formalization of the digital economy has only been possible by the widespread use of UPI or digital payments by 260 million distinct users in India.
Real-time adoption, hyper customization, and the simplification of AI and Analytics in business processes while creating a long-term, AI-powered, sustainable banking environment are the key challenges faced by the country. With the arrival of 5G, the Indian BFSI industry will use cloud technology to improve organisation, manage costs, and offer better end-user support. Additionally, the talent gap is growing in light of the environment’s dynamic and quick change. To solve this, banks and financial institutions must find, develop, and retain talent.
The 19th Edition of the BFSI IT Summit by Exito is an in-person conference bringing together the top Technology Leaders from the fraternity. The summit aims to be a learning and networking platform curated to deep dive into the imminent challenges faced by the BFSI sector and identify best practices to overcome the same.

Why Sponsor ?

  • PRE-QUALIFIED IT HEADS : Meet with IT decision-makers from the Indian Banking and Financial Services industry who have been prequalified with a questionnaire to assess their business’s bandwidth and budget.
  • PRIOR NOTIFICATION : A database of confirmed buyers with their names, contact information, and requirements will be sent 5 days before the event so that you can cherry pick the ones who are interested in your offerings.
  • SPEAKING SLOT : Address the entire audience about your offerings and solutions.
  • ONE TO ONE MEETINGS : Guaranteed meetings with your preferred IT decision-makers at the event.
  • SPEED NETWORKING : A fun networking activity is the best and quickest way to connect with every buyer and exchange business cards.
  • WISHLIST : Please share your preferred list of targeted clients, and we will invite them to the event to assist you in meeting with them.
  • BRANDING : Visibility and brand positioning are done through collaboration with the most powerful and influential media outlets, as well as branding before, during, and after the event.
  • DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER : Facilitating and enabling one to one pre scheduled meetings at the event.


Arpanarghya Saha

Chief Digital Officer
Nippon India Mutual Fund

Abhijit Dey

Vice President - Product Head API Banking
Axis Bank

Vivek Zakarde

Senior Vice President (Head - Analytics-RACC)
From a Leading Bank

Sugandh Saxena

Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE)

Dr. Sourav Dutta

Executive Director & Head IT

Lincy Therattil

Head of Open Innovation and Fintech Platform, Rise India

Why Attend ?

  • LEARN & GROW : At the BFSI IT Summit, further your professional development by being a part of the discussions & collaborative workshops changing the industry as we know it.

  • SHOWCASE OF DIGITAL SOLUTIONS BY WORLD-CLASS TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS : Gather practical perspectives from many real-world use-cases shared by the market’s top Innovation & Technology experts, including early adopters and leaders from across the region.

  • COLLECTIVE COLLABORATION : We cannot undermine the importance of interacting and learning from one another. Collaborate to build for the future together with industry peers and share experiences.

  • SOURCE YOUR MOST RELIABLE PARTNER THROUGH FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTIONS : We understand that the value of a live event comes from the quality of networking opportunities. Connect & Meet one-on-one with global potential partners for tailored guidance to help you achieve your mission-critical business priorities.

  • OUTSTANDING RETURN ON INVESTMENT – FOR YOUR TIME SPENT : Whether you’re a seasoned technology or digital expert, BFSI IT Summit is a guaranteed time-saving, highly informative, accessible & professional business platform.

Featured Discussions

Technology Augmentation in the BFSI industry - Impact on the Indian Economy.
  • How will the Central Bank’s Digital Currency - RBI’s digital rupee benefit Indians?
  • Developments in the central KYC registry and the Account Aggregator (AA) framework
  • National e-Governance Services (NeSL)
  • Digital Banking Units - ensuring the benefits of digital banking reach every corner of the country
  • Increase in digital maturity in the BFSI sector boosting Indian economy
The future of banking - Digital, Invisible and Connected
  • Tech enabling new-age of banking
  • 24x7 invisible banking
  • A hyper-personalised future in the BFSI sector.
  • Continuous customer education for enhanced banking experience
  • Blockchain - Financial institutions moving their KYC and customer due diligence operations to decentralised platforms
  • Bringing in Metaverse - next evolutionary stage
  • Metaverse introducing new ways of revenue for banks- cross selling insurance policies, crypto investments and investing in NFTs.
Fintech reshaping the Future of Finance
  • How FinTech is enhancin.g transparency and reducing data asymmetries
  • The Rising Demand For SaaS Platforms
  • Collaboration between traditional banks and Fintech
  • Fintech Revolution to introduce digital lending
  • Account aggregator - It's impact in lending and other financial services
  • Facing the challenge of security and data privacy in FinTech
Unlocking Innovations in the Insurance Sector
  • What will help the growth of Insurtech Sector?
  • Use of technologies to improve the Risk assessment and insurance processes for consumers.
  • How to overcome the trust deficit challenge for the Insurtech sector?
Climbing towards advancements in Open Banking
  • An emerging new global banking ecosystem
  • Open APIs to be the favored option for banks and third-party providers.
  • Allowing access and control of consumer banking and financial accounts through third-party applications
  • Collaboration between traditional banks and new financial players
  • Requirement for data security and encryption
Infusing AI to power CX and the BFSI Industry
  • The rise of chatbots and virtual assistants - being your financial assistant
  • CX that is intelligent, personalized and seamless.
  • Understanding customer requirements and behaviour using ML and NLP
  • Structured operational tasks with robotic process automation
  • Managing risks and credit underwriting using machine learning algorithms
  • AI for detection and monitoring unusual activities.
Ameliorating the future of cloud in the Indian BFSI Industry.
  • Need for hybrid cloud to fuel the progressive technology modernization.
  • Cloud computing to reduce costs and improve service delivery while being more agile.
  • Continuing demand for the use of hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Cloud managing Regulatory Compliance
  • Cloud helping in understanding the customer base.
Advancing Cyber Security - Securing BFSI as it moves further into digital transformation.
  • Auditing software to find the pros and cons in the system.
  • Incorporating advanced real-time security tactics and robust policies to safeguard against cyber-attack
  • Artificial Intelligence for fraud prevention
  • Increase in zero trust adoption & moving towards integrated security
  • Adding layers - MFA, Biometrics & Automatic logout.



Public Banks
Foreign banks
Fintechs & Neo Banks
Microfinance Companies
General Insurance Firms
Mutual Funds
Regional Rural Banks
Health Insurance Companies
Private Banks
Asset Management Companies
Commercial Banks

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Emilia Clarke
I enjoyed the event and found the delegate profiles and presentations very informative. I had productive conversations with potential customers and prospects, and I believe we will generate a decent list of leads for our company. The venue, food, and crowd were all excellent, and I had many interesting conversations and gained a lot of knowledge. We will definitely consider sponsoring DTS in the future.
Emilia Clarke
I had really good conversations today with the number of delegates coming from the region and other places. Quite likely we we will consider it for the next year or your next city. The overall conversations were really good probably some of the really interesting conversations in change management and practical side of it and were really interesting.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the overall event a 9 out of 10 because it was very strategic and focused, with a mix of decision makers and influencers in attendance. We expect to have a good number of conversions with the enterprise accounts we met, and we are looking forward to working with Exito again in the future. There is a great scope for collaboration and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the event a 9 or 10 out of 10. It was well put together and we received fantastic feedback and had high-quality conversations with delegates. It has been one of the best events we have participated in, with a good return on investment and leads generated. The audience was perfect and their interactions and participation in the event were excellent. The panel discussion was also very informative and useful for my presentation.

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